The Forest Of Us

The Forest of Us is a collection of stories from people like you.
On a walk through the Forest you will experience 6 different stories.
They'll all play on their own, all you have to do is start your walk.

Step Into The Forest

What is the Forest of Us?

The Forest is a place where we can gather together and share the stories that connect and define us. On a walk through the Forest you'll meet 6 other people, each telling their own story in their own way. When you come to the end of your walk, you can decide to take another, or join the Forest yourself!

The Forest is alive and it’s growing. Enjoy your walk.

Want to Join The Forest?

Welcome! We hope you enjoyed a walk or three through the Forest!

Do you want to join the forest? We'd love to have you! Joining is easy!
All you have to do is take a video telling whatever part of your story you want to tell, in whatever way you want to tell it. Submit your one to two minute video here!

Which Story Should I Tell?

Still have some questions?
Not sure which story to share?
Wondering if your story is good enough?
Whichever story you thought of just now? That's the right story.
Your story? It's good enough.
That idea you just had? It's awesome, and we want to hear it!

If you don't have any ideas, sleep on it. Give it a little time. Or shoot us an email.
Should you so desire, you could also check through this list of ideas we had. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s a place to start!

  • Do a Dance
  • Write a Poem
  • Paint a Picture
  • Make a Dress
  • Fix us Your Signature Cocktail
  • Do That Yoga Pose You’ve Been Working On
  • Tell Everyone About Your Day
  • Show Everyone Whatever You're Best At

The Forest's Story

We (Taylor and Josh) conceived The Forest of Us as we entered the final months of our University Drama degrees. However, this project began differently. The Forest was originally an ambitious immersive theatrical project that would take place over a weekend. We imagined a hundred artists all performing their life stories in a hundred different ways, while the audience could physically wander through the forest and experience it however they chose.

While we’re still dreaming of creating that version of The Forest one day, we’ve fallen in love with the current version you’ve helped us create right here.

The Forest of Us came about in the time of social distancing, as we tried to find a way to continue to create art collaboratively from afar. We were also intrigued by the National Theatre School of Canada’s Art Apart initiative, so we started to reimagine the project, and see if it could work in an online format. It turns out that it really did! We applied for the Art Apart grant, and we began to create this project in earnest. We’ve called upon our friends, family, and whoever else we could, to get the Forest to this incredible stage; the stage where we were ready to share it. Thanks in part to receiving the grant, we did!

And now we want to gather your stories too! From here, we’re hoping to see the Forest grow, to get to see new stories each time we walk through. And you can be sure that we walk through regularly! We hope to see you in there!

Special Thanks

We owe so many special thanks to so many people for helping bring The Forest to life. Here are some highlights!
First of all: Thank YOU. This project couldn't exist without you. Thank you for creating and experiencing the forest.
Thanks to James Loewen, Jordine De Guzman, and Leander Rodrigues for their help on building this excellent website!
Also thanks to Jordine De Guzman for the excellent logo!
A shout out for the Tree vector created by macrovector -
A big thanks to Joanna Tran, Ted Loewen, Samantha Rideout, Carolyn Hafer, Meryl Ochoa, Rachel Frederick, Alex Bogaert, Barb Prudhomme, Leah Rantala, David Bogaert, Heather Weitzel, Darlene Loewen, Lauren Reid, Sara Allison, Tony Bogaert, Alexandra Chubaty Boychuk, Chris Murillo, and Abby Loewen for their help with the opening video.
Another huge thank you goes out to the National Theatre School of Canada for supporting this project through their #ArtApart program!

Contact Us

Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Just wanna chat? Whatever your reason, you can reach out at we check it often.

Thanks again for your time, and for coming to check out this project.
The Forest Of Us, created by Taylor Bogaert, Josh Loewen, and you.